Amazing Grace Cleaning Services LLC


AGCS uses only environmentally friendly commercial cleaning products in all of our facilities. You and your staff, as well as any visitors will get the cleanest environment possible, while using the best products available.

Customer Satisfaction guarantee is backed by our  quality assurance program and our quick response staff to any situation. Our Customer Satisfaction guarantee is par to none in the industry. Our staff training program and our state-of-the-art equipment aids in the process of keeping all of our facilities clean and all of our customers satisfied. We higly encourage a monthly walk-thru with our clients and total communication to ensure the success of our Customer Satistaction gaurantee.

Why Outsource to a Professional: An employer may think that using their own employees to perform the cleaning task for their facility will save money, when in fact it usually ends up costing the company more! Additionally, employees who are required to clean, in addition to their own professional tasks, can feel belittled and become disgruntled. This would result in halfhearted work and a decline in facility cleanliness. If a company hires their own-in house cleaning crew, the downside is they will have to pay for their wages and benefits as company employees. No to forget, who will clean if that person is ill or on vacation? If the employee quits after a month or two of cleaning, the employer is back to the beginning of the process: hiring and training. These two things can be very tiresome to an employer. Let us handle all of the unnecessary worries for you.

Outsourcing to Amazing Grace Cleaning Services LLC will allow your staff to enjoy coming to their clean work-spaces without the hassle of cleaning it themselves. In return, they can focus on their own assigned tasks. Plus, any visitors or clients will get a consistently healthy and clean environment each and every time they stop by your facility.